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Why We Need Health-Centered Public Policy

Social determinants of health such as crime, quality of education, and transportation mobility play a major role in the health expectations of communities, particularly around chronic conditions. In order for medical interventions to be most effective, public policy must support an overall reduction in the barriers certain communities face to health improvement.  We know that […]

Building Robust Models for Predicting Health Behaviors

As the healthcare tech market matures, the focus of consumer oriented weight management products will shift from merely data gathering and generic weight loss plans to applied analytics for building successful personalized plans for change resistant users. To be most effective at addressing preventable health costs, efforts need to be focused on patients at the wrong end of disparities […]

Buy It vs Build It – Why Care Providers Should Stay Out of Tech Development

There are a number of seismic shifts underway within the US healthcare system. The two that we’ve had our eyes on are the rise of capitated provider networks and the subsequent focus on population health management and preventive care to drive operational cost savings. The reason we’ve followed these two so closely is that they […]

Pay As You Go Doctors

Unlike other welfare systems, USA’s long established tradition of Medical Insurance has become a cultural norm. However, after decades of systematic signing into less and less lucrative schemes, some doctors are doing things a bit differently. A physician in Wichita, as reported on CNN, has opted out of the usual system altogether, instead offering his […]